Pregnancy, Miscarriage, Postpartum, and Family Counseling in Burbank, CA.


Pregnancy & Postpartum Counseling 

You're a soon-to-be or new mom who is confused by the thoughts and emotions that are taking you away from the experience you thought you'd have.  You feel scared and alone, wanting your pregnancy or motherhood to be so much more than it is now.  

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Miscarriage & Stillborn Counseling

Losing a pregnancy is more devastating than you can bare.  Your happiness has been shattered along with your hopes and dreams of the future with your baby.  In your time of need, you may even find your partner growing distant, feeling like you're drowning in grief alone.  

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Parenting & Child Counseling

Children and Teens express depression and anxiety differently then adults.  You may have noticed a drastic change in behavior and at a lost as to how you can help.  Play therapy and weekly counseling gives you child a place to process all that they are going through and gain the coping skills they needs to be able to handle anything life throws at them.

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I'm Thomasine Shepard, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and I help families at any stage in life.  Whether you're a new mom trying to navigate the exciting and overwhelming transition to motherhood, or a concerned parent looking to help your child through the struggles of life, you can find the guidance and support you need to become the loving and connected family you want to be.