• Initial 15 minute Consultation- Free

  • Individual Counseling (50 mins)- $200

  • Family Counseling (50 mins)- $200

  • Extended Family Counseling (75 mins)- $300

  • Group Counseling (60 mins)- $70 per week

  • Phone Calls Over 15 mins- $4 per min

  • Home Visits (50 mins)- $225 plus travel fee

  • Case Management, Consultation, or Report Writing- $30 per 15 min

  • Cancelation Fee (less than 48 hrs notice)- Full Cost of Session

All rates apply to new clients and returning clients that have not been seen in over a month.

Credit Cards, FSA, HSA, and Cash are all accepted.

Using Insurance to Pay for Therapy

If you have a PPO or POS plan, you can use your Out-Of-Network (OON) benefits. This means your insurance may reimburse you a percentage of any out-of-pocket costs as determined by your plan's coverage. Please call your insurance provider to determine what your plan covers. On average, clients are able to have 35-90% of their session covered using their Out-Of-Network benefits. I will provide you with a receipt, called a Superbill, and you can submit this to your insurance to get reimbursed for a portion of you session.